Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

If you're getting ready to list your home for sale, it's time to take a good, hard look around!  The key is to not have too much (clutter!) or too little (stark!).  Dan will help you with suggestions for rearranging and reorganizing what you already have, in order to sell your home quickly, and for the most money.




Consider the following tips and suggestions for staging your home, and click on the link below for even more information.

Staging Tips:

  • De-Personalize - Buyers want to see themselves (not YOU) in your home.  Time to put away the family photos and clean off the fridge!
  • De-Clutter - Haven't used it in a year? Maybe it's time to get rid of it!  This is a great opportunity to simplify.
  • Check the Closets - Because potential buyers will!  They want storage space, and over-stuffed closets scream "No storage space!".
  • Rent a Storage Unit - Most homes show better with less furniture, so get a jump start on that packing and downsize some of the 'stuff'.
  • Remove/Replace - If you have a favorite light fixture or want to take that hot tub with you, remove and replace (as needed) items prior to listing your home.  
  • Make Minor Repairs - Now is the time to patch holes, finish that trim and replace burned out light bulbs.  Buyers see all the little things you stopped noticing years ago!
  • Make the House Sparkle! - Clean, clean, clean
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