Short Sales

Are you considering selling your home through a short sale?


Today, many people have found themselves struggling financially.  Many have experienced hardship due to loss of employment, job transfer, adjusting interest rates, decreased income or illness.  In addition, home values have dropped significantly in the past few years. 


If you are considering the option of a short sale, we can help.  Short sales can be time consuming and complicated, and many factors should be considered before attempting to sell your home through a short sale.  Dan will meet with you and help you explore different options with regard to your specific situation.  If you decide that a short sale is the best course of action, we will help walk you through the whole process.  Our team includes experienced short sale negotiators, who are experts in communicating with banks. 


See the links below for more information on selling through a short sale and call Dan with any questions you may have.

Short Sale Overview.pdf
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Short Sale Process - Seller Info.pdf
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Writing a Hardship Letter.pdf
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Mortgage lenders pursue homeowners artic[...]
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